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    When did this happen? lol

    Why is this a thing

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    How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

    Reblog to get the word out!

    Just fixed mine - passing it along so you can too!

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    Afro Punk 2K14

    Photo taken by me:




    If you see yourself in any of my photos and would like me to tag you, please message me.

    Please do not remove the above text.

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    When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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    SPOTLIGHT: Color-Coded Photography by Emily Blincoe

    A sweet collection of assorted musings by photographer Emily Blincoe based in Texas. All objects stored and arranged in colors and themes. 

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    after watching anaconda

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    Beautiful Black Ballerinas

  9. Kristen Stewart is having none of your gendered bull shit

    kristen is an actual kickass feminist who speaks up aaaall the time and gets so little credit for it

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    Lenten Roses - Onyx Odyssey variety, doubled and undoubled

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    I love twins 😍💖

    Look at them!

    OMG!!! The cuteness!!!

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    lavernecoxBehind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?

    2 awesome ladies being awesome.

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    Charda Gregory abducted, humiliated, violated, restrained, scalped and tortured. 
    If this were reversed, with black police officers who were sworn to uphold peace and justice but instead were documented victimizing a white woman (who was already a victim), this news would have trumped the Olympics!

    Truncated version: drugged at a party, abducted to a motel, wakes up during unwanted sexual violation in a motel room full of strangers, fights like hell to escape, motel employee calls the authorities, she gets arrested for destroying motel property and it just gets worst from there.

    Every officer who participated in it and even those who witnessed it and did nothing should be punished but instead they just fired the woman?
    No rape kit, no police report on the people inside the motel room, no investigation of her claims, no accountability for missing motel entry records, no video from the motel but she gets detained for fourteen days?

    (Btw, when did your tax dollars begin purchasing Abu Ghraib type water boarding chairs?)

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    Robstar snuggle doodle dump! ovo/

    They are going to be the death of me. Someone stop me.

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