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    Kidding who?


    Owl Turd Comix by Shenanigansen [website | twitter | facebook]

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    Novel Technologies Advance Brain Surgery to Benefit Patients
    Minimally invasive brain surgery at UC San Diego Health System

    In a milestone procedure, neurosurgeons at UC San Diego Health System have integrated advanced 3D imaging, computer simulation and next-generation surgical tools to perform a highly complex brain surgery through a small incision to remove deep-seated tumors. This is the first time this complex choreography of technologies has been brought together in an operating room in California.

    “Tumors located at the base of the skull are particularly challenging to treat due to the location of delicate anatomic structures and critical blood vessels,” said neurosurgeon Clark C. Chen, MD, PhD, UC San Diego Health System. “The conventional approach to excising these tumors involves long skin incisions and removal of a large piece of skull. This new minimally invasive approach is far less radical. It decreases the risk of the surgery and shortens the patient’s hospital stay.” 

    “A critical part of this surgery involves identifying the neural fibers in the brain, the connections that allow the brain to perform its essential functions. The orientation of these fibers determines the trajectory to the tumor,” said Chen, vice-chairman of Academic Affairs for the Division of Neurosurgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine. “We visualized these fibers with restriction spectrum imaging, a proprietary technology developed at UC San Diego. Color-coded visualization of the tracts allows us to plot the safest path to the tumor.”

    After surgery planning, a 2-inch incision was made near the patient’s hairline, followed by a quarter-sized hole in the skull. The surgery was carried out through a thin tube-like retractor that created a narrow path to the tumor.  Aided by a robotic arm and high-resolution cameras, the team was able to safely remove two tumors within millimeter precision.

    “What we are seeing is a new wave of advances in minimally invasive surgery for patients with brain cancer,” said Bob Carter, MD, PhD, professor and chief of Neurosurgery, UC San Diego School of Medicine. “These minimally invasive approaches permit smaller incisions and a shorter recovery. In this case, the patient was able to go home the day after the successful removal of multiple brain tumors.”


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    when he doesn’t love you anymore when you’re no longer young and beautiful


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    5 Natural Hair Illustrators/Artists We Love

    Aside from the bloggers, vloggers, natural hairstylists and businesses who are working hard to enlarge and expand the natural hair community worldwide; there are also a group of creative women who are using their unique talents and abilities to encourage others. In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with so much information that we don’t have time to read it all, these group of women have come up with interesting ways to educate and entertain us. Through the work of these women, a newbie who is struggling to stay encouraged or a veteran who is feeling bored with her hair can be inspired and motivated to keep treading on. (keep reading)

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    The Human League - Don’t You Want Me [x]
    Performed by gunnarolla… with one special twist

    Shoutout to elmify for requesting this one, and supporting our Indiegogo!

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    Nicole Beharie is a goddess

    I am not yet Nicole Beharie.

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    I love dogs so much oh my god

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    Jan Mijtens

    Portrait of Margaretha van Raephorst with Servant (detail)

    Holland (c. 1650)

    Oil on Canvas, 135 × 105cm.

    Rijksmuseum Collection

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    Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou
    Untitled (Demoiselles series), 2012 

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    For Colored Girls co-stars Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton

    Pretty ladies

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    found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

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